Explanatory notes and criteria for Awards

Please read the following carefully before competing the application form.

The aims of the Charity

The principle aim of St Johns Hospital Trust is to pay quarterly gratuities to c.600 poor beneficiaries in Bedford, who are in need of financial help, at a cost of £32,000 per quarter. Our income comes from rented commercial property and financial investments. We have a growing reserve which allows us additionally to make grants to help charities based in the Borough of Bedford who mainly help the people of Bedford.

How much Funding is available?

There is no minimum sum. However, the Trustees of the Charity have a sum of money to make available for awards in general from £1,000 up to £3,000 although in special circumstances higher awards can be made.

Application and Award Procedures

Only a request on the official application form will be considered. Download, print and post the application form from here

Annual Report and Accounts are to accompany the completed Application Form plus a letter, of no more than one page, which sets out the details of your application.

On receipt of the above, you will be contacted for clarification of any issue, if needed.

Decisions on Applications are made on the last Wednesday of each quarter but by exception an application could be considered between Trust meeting. The Trust meets quarterly.